About me

About me

My name is Xiomara Fox

I'm a Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Queen

I’ve been exploring BDSM, Femdom and Fetishism for many years now. 

I’m a mature woman with a powerful body and mind who enjoys bending wills and exploring the most dark and deep desires. 

I specialize in Fetishes, Femdom and Findom and by my side you’ll find an unique opportunity to explore all your kinks and desires in a safe and professional environment.

I love latex, leather, boots, pantyhose, masks and tons of other fetish garments and elements. 

I am 100% Fetishist that’s why I don’t offer any vanilla or mainstream service and/or  content. 

I like the Kinky, the wild, bizarre and forbidden. 

Physical and psychological domination it’s what I enjoy the most, dig into your mind, push your limits, and explore every one of those things you like to hide from everyone else. 

I invite you to experience an unique opportunity to wash away your fears and preconceptions. 

Don’t let others tell you how to express your sexuality and individuality, dig in deep, explore, enjoy, be happy, be free.